brushing teethMany adults experience anxiety when they have to visit a dentist so you can imagine the feelings of a child when they make their first visit to the dentist. Suddenly they are having a strange person open up their mouths and look to see how their children’s teeth are developing.

Introducing a child to this to the dentist is difficult. Many dentists will recommend that a child’s fist dentist meeting be made at one-year-old when they are more likely to be receptive to it, or at least be able to fight against it. However, there is little need for a dentist appointment at this age as your child’s teeth are still developing. However, it will help to get a child in the routine of going to the dentist.

Reading books to your child as a way of introducing them to a dentist is also a good idea and can help to remove the apprehension that they will feel when they visit their family dentist. Children’s shows where they visit a dentist may also be a good idea.

If all else fails, then luring your child with a lollipop is always a possibility. Cavity producing potential be damned.

When You Should Switch Your Family Dentist

Many people simply choose a family dentist and stick with them through thick and thin, never even considering the alternatives. Time after time you need to check another site, such as, to find out what else is out in the market. Nobody truly likes visiting a dentist and it can be hard to understand if your dentist is sub-par or needs to be changed.


One of the most common reasons why people change their dentist is when they change their job and now have a different dental insurance provider that their dentist does not accept. This I, of course, a good reason to change your dentist as their care can be expensive without insurance.

Another reason why people change their dentists is when they need more specialized care, often due to the need to install dentures or other more complex procedures that their family dentist doesn’t offer. These customers will typically return to their dentist after the procedure for the more routine cleanings and checkups.

The truth is that you should always consider the quality of service that your dentist provides and consider alternative options. Dentists decline and become routine in their advice, particularly once they have an established practice in place and you should always be looking to improve on the care that you receive. Don’t write off a dentist just because they provide you with tough advice, as your dental care needs to be quality and address the underlying problems. But make sure that you aren’t recommended to have expensive procedures that you don’t feel are necessary and that they look for non-intrusive solutions instead.