Advancements In Micro Modular Data Centers Today


Traditional data center systems have now been redefined by the Modular Data Center solutions with the implementation of power supplies, cooling, as well as space infrastructure. Modular Data Centers are composed of your standard components allowing for an easier building process at a lower cost, and simple to integrate and release to other data center locales. The benefits of the Modular Data Centers outweigh the traditional data centers with offers of scalability, portability, a smaller footprint, reusability, flexibility, the time of deployment is less, total ownership cost reduction, and improvements in efficiency.

The self contained modular data centers are engineered with one single rack that’s expandable to multiple racks. This functions as a turnkey with completely integrated solutions including the monitoring and security of components for use as a plug and play unit, and power and cooling. The proper term for the single rack modular center is micro modular data center with some featuring self-propelling properties with casters. Centers such as these are also created for specific reasons in regards to data, power, cooling and generator modules uniquely configured for the customer.

It’s expected for the Micro Modular Data Centers to increase in growth and popularity in the global market. The revenue and growth potential market sizes is expected to reach across many geographical areas and industry verticals. Elliptical Mobile Solutions, a team of mobile data center experts which now partners with Instant Data Centers, is sure to lead the trend.

It’s time to recognize the untouched potential that’s currently ready and waiting with the demand and need for Micro Modular Data Centers. Several businesses have made amazing advancements with these types of centers, however, the prefabricated version hasn’t been properly adopted or received, and is very much underrated and ignored despite it being widely promoted.

Many companies haven’t realized the potential and benefits that adopting this system provides and seem to have the fear of experiencing loss by investing in a newly invented data center. By not adopting the micro modular data center power problems, server reloading issues are occurring regularly and overheating.

There’s a major advancement in the cooling strategy of this center. In 2014, many companies relied upon the liquid cooling method for the traditional style data center. It became apparent that the air cooling system weren’t operating properly which resulted in the costs of maintenance to be extreme. This liquid cooling option has become the most effective and functional strategy available in this market. This eliminated the extra cost associated with the traditional data center in comparison to this system.